Gunman Clive is finally playable on Gameboy! If you felt the HD Collection was a bit too high resolution here's the version for you!

Some time ago I started aching to do a bit of coding for retro consoles, and after releasing Gunman Clive HD Collection for Wii U and struggling to get started on a new project I thought I'd take a little time off to play around with some Gameboy code. So I started working on a little GB port of Gunman Clive. I've always felt that it's basically a gameboy game at it's core. I emersed myself completely in the world of 8-bit assembler code, 4 color tiles and monochromatic screens, and I enjoyed myself tremendously. But it ended up taking a lot more time and going a lot slower and than I anticipated. After over a month of intense development I finally have a presentable Demo. It includes the full Stage 1 of Gunman Clive 1 with all the gameplay features intact. There's a few more things I'd like to do with it but I don't know if I can justify spending any more time on it. So here it is, the first and probably final version:
Gunman Clive Gameboy Edition ROM

  • Works on every Gameboy model, or any decent emulator.
  • Runs at 60 fps with (almost) no slowdown.
  • 1 fully playable level
  • Near identical gameplay to the original
  • Rom Size: 64 KB

Gunman Clive Gameboy Edition was made using GBDK in a mix of C and assembler code. Other tools used include (along with some more common ones): DefleMask, Gameboy Tile Designer/Map Builder, GraphicsGale. Huge thanks to the creators of these tools


Gunman Clive Gameboy Edition ROM


Get the full game on one of these platforms:

Nintendo Wii U

Gunman Clive HD Collection

Nintendo 3DS

Gunman Clive, Gunman Clive 2


Gunman Clive, Gunman Clive 2

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